Terms and Conditions

Read this section carefully. If there is any doubt that would not be resolved on it, use the contact form. These Terms of Use together with our Legal Notice, have been created to have a better relationship with you. If you disagree with what you will read below, you should not use this site or participate in our activities and courses.


SEVILLA PHOTOWALKS use and manage your personal data only for administrative purposes. Your information allows us to lend you a better service and whether public or private will never be sold, transferred, exchanged, shared or given to another company for any reason without your consent. The email address provided by you during registration will be used solely by us to send you relevant correspondence to your purchase and eventually a newsletter. If you want to learn more about our disclaimer, click here.


SEVILLA PHOTOWALKS seeks to generate a cordial and friendly atmosphere in their photowalks, as we believe that this way learning and other interesting behaviors within a process of acquiring knowledge such as cooperation and teamwork are favored. Any verbal or non-verbal conduct relating to violence or lack of respect is strictly prohibited and therefore that person or group of persons responsible for it shall be removed from the activity without right to reinstatement or reimbursement automatically. Any type of activity that mobbing both teachers and fellow photowalk will also be punishable.


To reserve a place is essential to follow the entire purchase process and make payment through this website. ShouldSEVILLA PHOTOWALKS cancel the photowalk, the wizard will be entitled to a change of date or refund the amount paid.

If the wizard cancel your reservation will be entitled to a change of date, provided that advise at least 2 hours in advance (via email) to realization.

If the wizard is submitted photowalk the day and time set, the wizard is not entitled to change the date or refund the amount paid.

The wizard will present the e-mail confirmation received after booking at the time of the completion of the photowalk.

If you have any questions please contact us through our email: info@sevillaphotowalks.com.


When booking a photowalk and pay the registration fee and by using this website you accept these terms and conditions. If you do not agree to these terms, please don’t use this site.

If you have any questions or comments about our Terms and Conditions, please contact us using our contact page.